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Self healing ceramic coating from Feynlab

Heal Plus by Feynlab. 

Heal Plus by Feynlab. 

In the realm of car care we've seen massive innovation in products that bring major leaps in cleanliness, preservation and maintenance to your vehicles. We have nano technology to thank for these innovations and we only expect the improvements to continue.

We recently hit a new level with a coating on the market from Feynlab with Heal Plus, only available to Tier 1 Installers and Heal Lite, only available to Tier 2 installers. Authentic Details just attended the training on this product and once our shop is open, is established as a Tier 1 Installer for this amazing coating.


When we heard about this coating, we were highly skeptical but curiously interested because the possibility for this technology was big. So we spent some time learning with Feynlab, but more importantly testing. Like all products we use, we believe in understanding the technology and rigorous, real world testing. After applying the coating, we did some testing on scratching and self healing and to our surprise - this stuff really works! No snake oil here.

A few colleagues in Dallas, TX at Clear Bra North Dallas ran a test of their own on a fender and while it was in the sun, they scratched it with a wire brush and it simply wouldn't scratch - it self healed in real time. Once cooled it regained it's ability to be scratched, but heat was applied and the scratches healed right up.

This coating will not replace paint protection film but is a great addition to the rest of the vehicle, especially for daily drivers that may use a car wash. This coating provides the same level of resistance to chemical etching and prevention of water spots as a typical ceramic coating but adds a self healing abilty to your paint.

Though a much more complicated install., the coating itself is impressive, very strong and will add self healing characteristics to your vehicles paint. So if you want a new type of protection that prevents micro marring, and light scratches from damaging your paint - this might be a fit for you.

Feylab Heal Plus product brings modern technology, self healing coatings installed right here in the Austin area.

There are really two different products from Feynlab that a truly self heal. Heal Plus which is rated at a 7 year coating. Which means it is warrantied to protect and self heal for 7 years. This coating takes an extensive amount of time to install, but is a great coating for those who plan to keep their vehicles for an extended period of time. The second is Heal Lite which is a healthy 5 year coating, and is the most popular choice for our customers. 

Feynlab Heal Lite - Our most popular choice

Feynlab Heal Lite - Our most popular choice

If you are interested in a way to keep a like new finish on your vehicle, reduce spiderwebs and marring to keep that incredible shine and protection - Feylab Heal coatings might be a fit for you. If you are interested to learn more, please CONTACT US and we will get right back to you.