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HOW might we create the ultimate refinement studio?

Being a car enthusiast my entire life, and more specifically obsessed with proper car care and detailing, I often struggled with finding a shop I trusted with my car, that provided exceptional work and delivered an incredible customer experience. 

So we set out to answer one question that fills a missing gap in the automotive maintenance and appearance industry - How might we create the ultimate place to take your automobile where you know it will be treated as if it were our own? 

Our mission is to provide the absolute best quality with everything we do using proper, approved methods while delivering an exceptional customer experience in all we do. We focus on continuous improvement, consistent evaluation of products and technology to bring you, the car owner and enthusiast, the latest and best for your vehicle. Our motto is "Whatever we do this year, we want to do better next year."

If you care about your car, and often catch yourself looking back at it as you park it and walk away, or even call it by a name or consider it your baby - we are the right place for you. Your car will always be in exceptional hands with very high quality work always delivered.

Work with Authentic Details for your paint correction, nano coatings, window tinting, paint protection films needs, and expect nothing but excellence from our team. We promise to put our passion for the automobile into your car.