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3 things I learned in leaving corporate life 'security'.

For everyone that I've worked with, had as a client, spoken to over the phone and especially those I got to know - you probably know I have a big passion (perhaps an obsession) for the automobile.

Since I was a wee little one, all I could remember was playing with toy cars, racing them around home made dirt tracks and then trying to renew them by repainting them. As I grew older, this obsession turned to my BMX bikes as I tore them apart, detailed and polished every component, modified them and rode them around dirt bike tracks. I then went on to the automobile as I started detailing neighbors cars, my parents cars and realized - I kinda enjoyed the transformation.

Family and friends would always ask me to detail their rides for them and I always offered, many times for no money at all just so I could zone out and renew a nice car. As I moved into my 20's I started detailing cars alongside my full time job at Dell and it really never stopped. I slowed it down from time to time and sped it up during others. I remember a specific moment when I tried to start a detailing business with an employee and it took away so much of my time- I had a sit down with the CEO of the company I worked for to hear 'I needed to give it a rest if I wanted my job'.

When asked about my mission as a business development person, it was always to earn enough to open up my own shop. I felt I had the chance with my last gig as I had a equity in the company and I was on a mission to build it into something great. However, I was quickly reminded that I don't own the world I am in when I work for someone else and was put in a really bad situation that I could not be a part of so I resigned and just sat with things for a while. As I self reflected the door creaked open ever so slowly to reveal the truth.

I realized, no job is secure, no company you work for is committed to you like you are to yourself. The only security I would ever have was security that I myself created, so, I decided I need to work for myself, and once I made that realization, things got clear really fast.

What I learned was to:

1. Find your passion to be truly authentic

2. Fear is a powerful emotion that drives all sorts of excuses and reasons why we shouldn't work for ourselves

3. Once you make the jump, it's incredible how many things fall into place

Being truly authentic to what I loved and not listening to that fear that sent a thousand what if's swirling about my head and committing to make something happen moved me well beyond what I ever imagined possible. So now I have started a business focused on high end car detailing, window tinting, clear bra, paint correction and ceramic coatings focused on those who appreciate their automobiles and expect the best in service, quality and experience.

All I can say at this juncture is I wish I had listened to that door creaking earlier in my life. If something is itching at you - just go for it and shun those excuses and make it happen - we aren't getting any younger.

If you really want to hear more of my story, check out a recent podcast I shared with Mark Green of CarsYeah.

“Bliss is on the other side of fear.” – Will Smith

“Bliss is on the other side of fear.” – Will Smith




May you find passion and excitement in your life as well.

Brad McRae