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Make the jump and do what you love.

"Bliss is on the other side of fear" - Will Smith

This week I did one of the scariest things I've ever done and I am asking for your help. I resigned from a very high paying, professional career with no other job offer in hand and decided to make the jump into what I love.

I've been in the professional world, specifically professional sales for the last 20 years, and in that time I realized there is no way around the fact that I'd always be a number on a spreadsheet, the business world revolves around the self interested and ultimately my destiny would always lie in the hands of someone else.

So, I've taken the risk and decided to make the jump to control my own outcome. 

With three daughters and an amazing wife at my side, I've decided to secure a commercial space to build a business where I can work with my family, teach them the value of hard work, involve them daily and live my passion all at once. I've decided to build a family business dedicated to excellence in everything we do, being part of the community in this awesome city and building something truly special.

I'll be spending every hour of every day focused on building one of the best custom detailing studios in the Austin area to service those who want high quality work, using high quality products from an authentic, service focused and highly experienced automotive aficionado (that's me). 

To all my friends, as I start this journey I ask you for your help to build this into something great. Maybe you're tired of your car looking old and you want that new car feeling again or maybe you know someone who does. We will be offering Auto Detailing, Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, Headlight Restoration, Custom Lighting, Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film, Audio for the Austin area.

Give me a shot and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Off we go...

Brad McRae