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Premier car coating, window tint and clear bra in the greater Austin, TX area. 


Our services include paint correction, nano coatings, custom window tint, and precision clear bra installations.


Our philosophy is about making vehicles last longer through better, regular maintenance, protection and education of proper car care so you get the most value and longevity from your vehicle. Work with us and it's likely we'll end up in your driveway showing you easier and far more effective ways you can care for your vehicle.


We specialize in coatings, clear bra and window tint

As a company it is our mission to be really good at what we do, thus we decided to become specialists as opposed to generalists. We believe in professional training and constantly seek the best to learn from to refine our crafts..

We are trained by manufacturers and the top specialists to be exceptional at what we do. Work with us if you are looking for true car enthusiasts, doing what we love, to deliver an exceptional experience (and hopefully make new friends along the way).

Clear Bra Installation

The Best Paint Protection

The roads are tough on cars here in the Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park and Central Texas area, which is why paint protection film is a popular choice in preserving the value of your vehicle. Paint protection film, commonly referred to as clear bra, is a clear urethane film that is installed over painted portions of a vehicle to guard against rock chips and other abrasions like bicycle handlebars, shopping carts and other common car paint terrors.

Full Front Clear Bra

Full Front Clear Bra

Car Window Tint


The sun is hot here in Austin Texas and the greater central Texas area, so we make finding ways to fight that sun and heat a priority. We are installing only Lifetime Warranty Films with good or high heat rejection. Check out our Ceramic Window Tint for the best in heat rejection and awesome looks..

car window tint

Ceramic Coatings


Technology has made its way into the how we protect our paint. With the entrance of nano-technology, we now have ceramic nano coatings to protect the finish of our paint far better than any wax ever will. Ceramic coatings provide lasting gloss, UV protection and super slick surface to make your car easier to clean.

commercial window tint

Why Authentic Details?

As a leader in automotive refinement you can count on us to always research products and best practices and bring that knowledge and expertise to your vehicle. We believe in continuous but responsible innovation so you'll never find us jumping on the latest 'fad' product without fully testing ourselves and implementing it on your vehicle.

20 years of automotive refinement passion.

Authentic Details began with three brothers who possessed a passion for reconditioning vehicles and building custom cars. Since then we've kept a low profile, detailing at low volumes, refining our skills and educating ourselves over the last 20 years.

In 2016, we decided to make the jump and open up the business for the Austin area, focusing on those individuals who want a well kept, properly maintained and protected vehicle while receiving some of the highest standard in customer service. We believe in doing business with trust as the base, providing the best results for our customers and bringing the most value for your dollar. Our goal is to win your business every time we work with you - we hope for you to be our customer for life.

Expect nothing but the best from Authentic Details.

Watch our video below to learn more about our "Why":