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Paint Correction, Feynlab Ceramic Coating, Clear Bra on a 2008 Subaru WRX STi

We find we often work on cars that have special meaning, are valuable or just plain appreciated by their owners. These are usually our favorite cars to refine as we find the most personal value in delivering them back to their owners and experiencing the look on their faces when they see it again for the first time.

This week we completed a Subaru WR STi for an owner that bought the car new in 2008. Today the car has 100k miles on the clock but the owner was no where near being ready to let the car go, even after his purchase of a brand new Audi SQ5. He decided to bring it to Authentic Details to renew the car and protect it so he can continue to enjoy all of the COBB Tuning parts and suspension upgrades he put on the car throughout his ownership.

When the car came to us it was in rough shape, but salvageable with some of the paint was in early stages of oxidation/clear coat failure. The paint itself was marred with spiderwebs, scratches and plenty of embedded contaminants. We began with a decontamination of the paint with clay and Iron-X to remove all the contaminants on the paint. 


Heavy swirls were present through out the paint   

Heavy swirls were present through out the paint


Subaru Hood Scoop with Oxidized/Early Stage Clear Coat Failure   

Subaru Hood Scoop with Oxidized/Early Stage Clear Coat Failure


We then began with the paint correction process to remove the swirls and scratches. 


Once we had the paint where we wanted it, we installed Suntek Ultra to the entire hood, (wrapping the edges under the hood scoop), the fenders, headlights, bumper, A-Pillars, roof and rear bumper deck for maximum protection. The remaining parts of the vehicle were ceramic coated with Feynlab Ceramic Plus 5 Year Ceramic Coating.

When we install a coating, we always offer to coat the wheels and calipers if painted to help keep them clean. Thus, wheels off means we clean the wheels, remove any adhesive from old wheel weights, tar, brake dust and grime to renew them. Once we had these wheels off, we couldn't resist detailing out the suspension.

Last we installed new badges and did a final polish on the car for a completely renewed look for this Subaru. An awesome ride that will give the owner many more years of fun and excitement.

If you have a vehicle you'd like renewed, refined, and protected, give us a call and we will design an approach to fit your specific needs and budget. We truly enjoy what we do and believe in delivering absolute excellence in all we do.