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Audi SQ5 Ceramic Coating and Clear Bra Installation

Some of our customers make the leap to purchase a new car for themselves and they've worked hard to enable them to buy something nice - now they want to protect it.

Our new car protection package was what this customer chose to go with on his 2018 Audi SQ5. Being this was a new car, he wanted to provide scratch protection, gloss protection and rock chip protection on the front and leading edges of the car.

The new car protection package consists of a full polish of the paint to perfection, removing defects to make the paint perfect, we then apply a full front paint protection film using Suntek Ultra which covers full front painted bumper, headlights, full hood, full fenders, painted portions of mirrors, a-pillars, first 8-12" of roof and rear bumper deck, this customer also opted to de-badge the entire car.

This Audi came to us in great shape, which is not too often from dealers, enabling us to opt for a single stage paint correction to refine the paint and remove any surface marring before installing the Feynlab Heal Lite and the Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film.

We installed the Feynlab coating on all the painted surfaces that were not covered by Paint Protection Film. This coating self heals light scratches using hot water, a heat gun or the sun to allow it to return to its original state. With ultimate gloss and scratch protection for 5 years. 

The remaining parts of the car are coated with specific coatings for each surface. The brake calipers and wheels are detailed and coated with a Wheel and Caliper Coating from Feynlab, and taillights coated in Feynlab Plastic topped with durable Feynlab Universal all to keep the gloss and make it easier to keep clean.

Now, with the entire nose covered in Suntek Ultra and the rest coated with Feynlab Heal Lite - the car looks amazing and can be driven with total piece of mind for the next 10 years.

To continue the experience and improve the longevity of the appearance of every customers' vehicle, we always teach you how to properly care for the vehicle with our complimentary maintenance wash at your home or a car wash near you. We will teach the  processes and products to, very easily, keep your vehicle in fantastic condition.

If you are looking for a great way to keep your new car protected and drive worry free, one of our new car protection packages might be right for you.