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Detailing Tools


detailing tools

The right tools for the job just seem to make the job for fun -at least for us it does. When you tackle detailing with the right tools you will find yourself saving loads of time and energy to keep that like-new appearance on your vehicle.



Brushes make all the difference and there are thousands to pick from. We've run a successful detailing business for many years using these tools to make the job easy and produce awesome results. From engine detailing, to fender wells to fine crevices on the interior you will find all you need here. 

Vehicle Towels and Mitts

towels and mitts

Soft microfibers, plush mitts and everything in between you would need to quickly and effectively detail your vehicle can be purchased from Authentic Details. Here you will find wash mitts, microfiber towels, glass cleaning towels and heavy cleaning towels.

Car Cleaning Equipment


You can't properly clean and detail your vehicle without some equipment to do it well. We've tested vacuums, blowers and buffers to bring you the ones that work the best. There are a ton of these on the market, but for us its about effectiveness and time savings. Find the best equipment like vacuums, blowers, buffers and more here.