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Car Care Kits


Care kits

Easy to order, ready to go complete kits for your detailing needs.

Car Care Bucket Restock

Car Care bucket restock

Restock your entire Authentic Details Car Care Bucket with one click. In the spirit of our mantra 'take the guesswork out and simplify detailing' we've made it easy to restock the right detailing products for your car care bucket with the click of a button. Added bonus: You save more when ordering a complete restock! 

Interior Care Kit

Interior care kits

Your interior has special needs, especially if you have leather or special materials that need regular maintenance. We make it easy to get you an entire, ready to use kit for your interior components.

Exterior Care Kits

exterior care kits

The exterior of your vehicle takes a beating, from exposure to the suns rays, to the barrage of tar and even the constant fallout from trees, the air and the environment. Don't worry we have the kits to help you keep your car in tip top shape for a very long time.

From waxes, to clay kits, plastic care and metal polishing you'll have all you need to care for the hardest hit parts of your vehicle.