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Detailing Products


Detail products

Professionally curated detail products. We've done all of the testing and validating to find the easiest to use, most effective best value products on the market today. 

Exterior Detailing Products

Exterior detailing products

The team at Authentic Details has been testing products for over 20 years and we continue to evaluate and validate products weekly to bring you the best products for the money. The exterior products will include everything you would use to clean, detail and maintain the exterior of your vehicle. Soaps, spray waxes, drying agents, and tire dressing will fall in this category.

Interior Detailing Products

Interior detailing products

Your interior needs just as much maintenance as the exterior of your vehicle and we've brought the same level of scrutiny and experience to the interior products as we do for all of our products. We are super picky about our interior products since this is where we know you spend most of your time. Here you will find protectants, glass cleaners, odor control, conditioners and spot cleaners.

Cleaners and Degreasers

cleaners and degreasers

When it comes to the tough stuff, there are thousands of products out there that produce poor results - you won't find those there. Cleaners and degreasers must work and work well to pass our tests. When you have the tough stuff to remove, look here for the some of the best on the market. Here you will find degreasers, wheel cleaners, tar removers and heavy soaps.