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Lat's talk about the concourse Detail.

concourse Detail


This is the big detail. With the Concourse Detail, we focus on detailing every part of the vehicle including the undercarriage. We will remove wheels, engine covers, seats, and various other parts to enable total access to the most difficult parts to reach. Our team is meticulous in our work here and focus on a judges eye for that car show you may be looking to participate in or just to give your car that renew it needs. We have done this for cars of all kinds and enjoy the work of a mini-restoration. These details vary heavily in the work that is done, driven by what the car needs and the owner's expectations and can take up to 3 days, sometimes a week to complete. Below is a list of some of what may be included in the Concourse Detail:

  • All of the Basic Detail and Renew Detail
  • Remove wheels, deep clean, clay bar and wax, clean and dress tires
  • Full suspension hand detail including brakes, calipers and caliper crevices
  • Engine bay cleaned, hand detail above and below, wax all painted components
  • Aluminum parts brightened to like new
  • Engine detailed in all areas, crevices, etc.
  • Undercarriage fully detailed, dressed 
  • Stainless or polished aluminum parts are sanded if needed, polished to bright shine
  • All rubber cleaned and treated to like new
  • Small trim parts, engine parts or any parts requested can be repainted or replaced
  • All paint is compounded, polished, sealed, waxed with 2 layers of high shine paste wax applied and removed by hand
  • Detailed cleaning all crevices, cracks, nooks and crannies throughout the vehicle


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