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Best Car Detailing Products

What are the best car detailing products are the market? The answer is subjective, but as a professional detailer for over 20 years, we've tried thousands of products and we've figured out what's worth the money, what's not and what's simply overpriced. Check out our list of smart detailing products.


best car detailing products

We've been detailing cars to a very high standard for over 20 years and we are extremely passionate about it. In that time we've used thousands of products and we are seeing so many come to market, some at stupid high prices (but we try them anyway) and we see more hype than value. It's been driving us nuts so we decided to put together a smart list of products that we believe are the best bang for the buck in detailing. It doesn't matter if you are a driveway detailer on your own cars or a professional detailer looking to get a start, this list will work.

We critique our products on three main criteria - how well does it work, how easy is it to use, and how is it priced, until we find the sweet spot product. Trust us, we know there are products out there that work great and maybe better than some of these, our bet is we've tried them already.

If you want a smart list of products to keep your ride looking good - this is it.


Sunjoe 2030 Pressure washer

For all the washing needs, this thing is a beast, especially for the money. We've run gas powered, Ryobi's, and multiple other electric pressure washers and we've broken them all. The Sunjoe is a workhorse that meets all the needs to safely clean your ride.

Why we like it:

We love the hose reel, saves time and makes storage clean and neat. Also it runs only when it needs to renew pressure or is in use as opposed to constantly running. They last, and we run our systems hard, so for the home user - expect many years of use out of this one. We also like the nicely stored pressure tips and that we can quickly attach our MTM Foam Cannon to the end.

Master Blaster.jpg

Metrovac master blaster revolution

What gets wet, must get dry. When it comes to drying your car, especially your ceramic coated car, there is no better solution than the Master Blaster. To keep scratches and swirls to a minimum, blow drying your car is the best method to dry. This machine rapidly blows water from all those crevices that hold water so your car looks awesome after its detailed - not like the water run mess we are all used to.

Why we like it:

Hands down the best drying method with it's 8 horsepower motors and heated air, we make quick work of drying our cars at the shop. We love the 30 foot hose which allows you to get around the entire vehicle and it all conveniently hangs from the wall.


Pinnacle wash bucket with grit guard and lid

Having a good bucket to keep your mitts in while washing your car is key to keeping dirt from scratching your paint. That said, we can talk about two buckets, three buckets or more - I mean why not ten buckets for maximum perfection. In the 20 years of detailing we've done, keeping a clean mitt is key, but you don't need more than one bucket to do this. The key is good lubrication and a good grit guard to keep the settled dirt below the surface followed by proper technique in washing and you'll have perfect paint for many years.

Why we like it:

With a very deep grit guard, the settled dirt stays well below your working water area - this means a clean mitt to wash with. We also love that this comes with a lid, to keep your detail products in when your done. One trick is to drill a set of small holes in the top of the lid and use the empty bucket to store your detail towels in. 

Wheel woolies.jpg

wheel woolies 3 piece set

This is probably one of our favorite tools in the arsenal, Wheel Woolies are versatile, strong, last a long time and do an exceptional job at cleaning the wheels, door jambs, engines and more. We highly recommend you get the set here to cover various wheels and caliper combos. The small ones are great for getting between the wheel barrel and a set of big brakes. I highly recommend you use this brand, we've tried several cheaper off brands and they were terrible in comparison.

Why we like them:

These things are thick and absorbent an they clean up easily. We love the strong synthetic handles, the thick wool nap and how well these clean our wheels, in the tight spots on engines, in the suspension areas and how well they last to the abuse we put ours through.

Foam cannon.jpg

MtM foam cannon

There are many foam cannons on the market, and many that aren't that great - the MTM is in a class of it's own. Get thick, snow foam soap from the MTM every time with full adjustability. We love our foam cannon since it provides double duty for us. It saturates any dirt left on the paint prior to washing, helps move it down the car and last it provides the thickest and best lubrication for washing - thus creating a safe platform to clean your car. If you want thick, soapy, effective foam - accept no other.

Why we like it:

We like things that last at Authentic Details, and the MTM is one quality piece, it delivers every time we use it with all types of soaps we've tried. We love it best when we put straight soap in and let it do it's magic. The adjustability is awesome and allows you to get strategic with you want to foam up your car. 


rag company pluffle drying towel

There are times when you just have to dry a car with a towel, and though we rarely if ever do, when it is needed, these are the towels to do it. With super plush fibers and a large size, you can easily dry your car. With proper methods you can dry your car without adding more scratches to the surface. By using this plush microfiber drying towel, you'll be able to dry your car quickly and safely..

Why we like it:

The waffle style weave and the plush microfiber allow you to quickly pick up water and move it off the surface. We love the fact that we can dry both safely and quickly with this geniusly designed drying towel.

Rag Company Mitt.jpg


These things are perfect  wash mitts for your car if you want to wash it properly and keep it scratch free. Made with microfiber material and very plush and thick, dirt that is on your car is sucked up deep into the fibers keeping it off your paint while you wash. With proper washing techniques, your paint will remain beautiful and shiny.

Why we like it:

Extremely plush fibers give us confidence and comfort when we wash the vehicle. This also holds a ton of soapy water, thus keeping the surface slick and soapy. Last, they clean up well with a quick spray out with a hose.

MEgs Hyper Soap.jpg


I know you have seen thousands of soaps on the market for washing your vehicle, most of them overpriced or loaded with stuff you don't need (waxes etc). We look for value for our customers and this soap is by far one of the best values. It's highly concentrated and works both in a bucket and in a foam cannon. It's extremely slick and cleans incredibly well and best of all - you can buy a gallon for $35. 

Why we like it:

It's some of the slickest soap we've come across and it's made by one of the best in automotive detailing, Meguiars who is now owned by 3M. We use the Meguiars line often and we rarely find products that can compare in both price and qualit, epecially the quality part. This soap does incredible in a foam cannon, just pour it in straight and get yourself some thick foam on the entire car.



We've used so many wheel cleaners we've lost count. Some are great, others are ok and others are so expensive it just doesn't make sense. Sonax is a product that works incredibly well, is safe for your wheels, exposed metals/alloys, isn't the worst smelling of the bunch (don't expect roses here, it still smells bad, but others are much worse) and it works really well at breaking down the iron on your wheels. Spray it on when you start washing and leave it on until your are ready to rinse your car and you'll have the brake dust melting away.

Why we like it:

For the price it's middle of the pack but works like the best, most expensive wheel cleaners. You can also buy this stuff by the gallon, which we love since we use so much of it. The quality of this product is top notch.

Quik Interior.jpg


To us this is the best interior detailer on the market. It's great for a light clean, leave no shine at all, provides UV protection and last - it is lightly scented with a great, clean, subtle smell. Every customer we have ever detailed for has always commented on how good it smells inside after we are done. It's a simple spray on, wipe off product that makes for quick cleaning or a follow up after a good scrub down.

Why we like it:

The smell is awesome and the fact it leaves a off the factory floor finish has us sold. We love that is provides a layer of UV protection to the interior to keep your plastics and vinyls looking perfect.



Tire shine is a touchy subject for many as we all like different levels of shine and we all hate "tire shine sling" after we detail our tires. We find many tire shine products don't last, leave a greasy look or just don't hit the mark. Car Pro's PERL hits them all. Adjust the shine to your liking, enjoy the no sling technology and appreciate it's lasting, silica based appearance.

Why we like it:

This product is more like a tire coating than a tire shine. It lasts a long time, leaves a great finish and is water based - which we always look for in a tire shine.



Initially developed as protective layer for C-Quartz ceramic coatings, this product makes for an amazing sealant on any paint, plastic and rubber. It's tricky to use if you don't know the process, but when used properly - it works incredibly well, holds up to lots of abuse, beads water like crazy and adds gloss like you would't believe. This is magic sauce in a bottle.

Why we like it:

We love how versatile this product is. We put it on everything, plastic trim, paint, lenses, windows it works on everything and it lasts a long time. We use this with every wash and build layers for incredible water beading.

MF Towel.jpg


This is probably the best microfiber towel on the market for the every day detailer. This is a true Korean blend microfiber towel with a thick 420 GSM pile on one side and a super short pile on the other side. This is one versatile towel that can be used in many scenarios to detail your car. Apply a sealant with one side, polish down with another. Clean glass with the short side, polish clean with the other. The list goes on.

Why we like it:

Versatility and quality are the two main reasons we use the daylights out of these towels. We get the best of both worlds in a quality product. Stock up on these, you'll love them.